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Odd network enterprise website management system -KeyWebCMS is the asp.net/access technology development, web front end use bootstrap/.net framework can adaptive computers and mobile devices, the website background using the easyUI/.net framework, friendly page, user experience performance better. Background to support multi language, can be arbitrarily extended, each language version of the free switch between management. Web site contains the main functions of the enterprise website (about us, news, products, messages, talent recruitment, engineering cases, albums, etc.), and can increase the column to expand, suitable for the two development. Article, product, photo album module can be set up SEO parameters, and a key to generate a static page, more friendly to SEO. The system can copy products, articles, album to other language versions, making the operation more convenient, and embedded in Baidu translation, double-click can begin to translate text.

Introduction of main function modules:

1 about us: the release of information on the enterprise, such as company profile, corporate culture, organizational structure, marketing network, enterprise honor, and can be arbitrarily added to the new column.

2 news information: published on the enterprise or industry articles, such as company news, industry information, professional knowledge, etc., and can be arbitrarily added to the new column. In the background can be added with the news, the same level of classification, such as talent recruitment, problem solving, etc..

3 product display: release enterprise products, products can be divided into three categories. In the background can be added with the "product demonstration" at the same level of classification, such as engineering case.
4 company photo album: release the picture about the enterprise, such as employee's elegant demeanor, office environment, and can add new columns at will. In the background can be added with the "company photo album" the same level of classification.
5 online message: the customer message while the system will send mail to the administrator mailbox, so that the customer's message to the administrator in a timely manner, and customer communication is more convenient.

6 product search: customer input keyword product search, improve the flexibility of the site.

7 contact us: the release of enterprise contact, and can be ed into the Baidu map.

8 links: friendship links, improve the friendship of the site, improve the weight of SEO.

9 floating customer service: customer service staff to display the QQ, to facilitate the timely communication of customers.

10 share button: the system embedded JiaThis share code to facilitate customers to share the site.

11 two-dimensional code: automatic web site to generate two-dimensional code pictures, mobile phone scanning can open the phone web site, do not need to upload their own two-dimensional code.

12 copy function: the website backstage can copy to the article, the product, the photo album to the different language version, the operation is very convenient.

13 Baidu translation function: website background can double click the text box to open the system's built-in translation of the dialog box, a key translation, less copy, paste and other cumbersome translation operation.

14 image watermark function: the website backstage can add the watermark to the product picture, prevents pirates the chart.

15 generation website map: the system will automatically generate sitemap.xml release site, so that the site is more likely to be included.

16 picture zoom: product images can click to enlarge the user experience better.

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